还是工程应用的文章,utf8 3位汉字编码,至少在中日韩统一汉字中是这样,但怎么判断一个长度为3的string是不是汉字呢?
int is_utf8_zh_basic(const char * str)
    if (strlen(str)<3) return 0;

    /*basic check if str is 1110xxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx*/
    if ((str[0]+256)/16!=14) return 0;
    if ((str[1]+256)/64!=2) return 0;
    if ((str[2]+256)/64!=2) return 0;

    int code=(((str[0]+256)%16)*64*64+((str[1]+256)%64)*64+(str[2]+256)%64);
    if ((code>=0x4E00)&&(code<=0x9FbF))  return 1; else return 0;

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One Response to Unicode(UTF8)中日韩统一汉字(U+4E00–U+9FBF)判断程序

  1. Susan says:

    中日韩统一汉字it is a very good idea, there are great difficulties in realization of it, but if it comes true how great progress would be in the world communiction and and world culture, great contritution to the human being.!

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