Sharing my work, Sharing the world.


  We are living in a so wonderful age in which the most valuable thing is information and the most exciting idea is information sharing.
  We are the most lucky persons in the age of information. Because computer technology is always leading the movement of information sharing. It’s us who are accelerating the changing in this age. It’s us who are enjoying the advance of the changing in this age.

  If I send you some of my information( a software, a movie), we are both have that information. If I gave my apple to you, I will haven’t apple to eat. Information has such a magic character of easy-sharing.

  Software is just such a magic thing, constructing it needn’t any material, but our mind and spirit. Early period of programing software, comparing to engineering, is more like an art. We wrote things out with nothing but our souring imagination. Current ideas are Software Engineering: building software in mechanical ways. Its substance is recycling of using code, no matter Bill’s MFC(Microsoft Fundamental Classes) or Yang Fuqing ‘s Project, the aim is making more codes recyclable. If I wrote a program, then I never need to write it again. I can always use my code I wrote before. This concept has been accept by all of us. Class is exactly created to do this, objects are wood-blocks, and writing software just like putting blocks together.

  Last month Bill Gate came to China to give us a visit, during which he meet a demonstration of “Open Source and Free Software.”by someone working in IT. Comparing to “recyclable codes”, that’s two more advance ideas which are accept by us gradually: If Somebody wrote a program, then I never need to write it again. I can always use others code directly. Then, the number of blocks for us to choice became extremely huge. This is a week point which Microsoft exactly faced. With the development of High-speed Internet, Free Softwares are running to us like a storm with its thunder and lighting.

to be continue.

complete version in chinese (完整的中文版见):

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