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How to solve p(D)x=f(t) when f(t) is a polynomial of t using operator notation

–expanding of MIT OCW 18.03 Video Lecture 13 1.Goal My Goal in this paper is showing you, as clearly as I can, how to solve(find a particular solution of) a linear differential equation with constant coefficients: , when f(t) is … Continue reading

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Graduate Record Examinations

Over half dozen classmates in 54054 will take GRE.I am one of them. Going asked me very frankly without his smile :"how many words do you have?"So, maybe it’s time for me to do that hard job. But, "I will … Continue reading

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Sharing my work, Sharing the world.

chaosconst.math.CISE.SDUST   We are living in a so wonderful age in which the most valuable thing is information and the most exciting idea is information sharing.  We are the most lucky persons in the age of information. Because computer technology is always … Continue reading

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How to install softwares on linux (Linux软件安装指导)

通过Google搜索和下载,以下软件可以在ASUS_W3Z计算机(显卡ATI X200M),Fedora Core 6下安装和使用(所有的技巧都会过时,但Google搜索不会。) 1 RealPlayer V10 for linux(先下载 Mplayer 播放DVD\ MP4\ RM\ AVI\ WMV(播放器内核与解码器分开下载和安装)3 ATI显示卡驱动程序 (X200M系列也可以正常使用3D加速!)(搜索非官方的驱动程序)4 GoogleEarth(for linux) with ATI drivers and OpenGL support5 FF8 with wine (需下载一些dll文件,先执行 pkill scim)6 StarCraft with wine (先执行 pkill scim)7 星际译王with 《Collins Cobuild … Continue reading

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