When I saw…

June 15, 2006 /20:41


  It’s finish.
  Linear Algebra, MIT OpenCourseWare 18.06, prof. G. Strang
  For me, a whole term’s learning is full of exciting, funny and moving.


  When I saw the graph of Ax=b, simple linear equations became vision of vector spaces.
  When I saw the network f=ATCAe, a whole new world of NET came to my mind.
  When I saw the least squares that a powerful line thought dots. I knew I wouldn’t guess anymore.
  When I saw the number of rabbit solved by eigenvalues, I saw the answer I wait for three years.
  When I saw the eA & vibration of springs y=cosx, I couldn’t believe It comes true.
  When I saw the ellipse grow in R3, I knew that’s the most fantastic thing I have ever seen. 
  When I saw the JPEG2000 with wavelets, I was so surprised that I can’t close my mouth.


  When I saw your “thanks for taking this course", I just want to cry.


  When I first viewed video lecture, I feel nervous and the course is full of my exception,
  When I had viewed the last video, I feel confident and the course is full of my appreciation.


2006年6月15日 /20点41分

  线性代数。麻省理工学院18.06,G. Strang教授。

  可能比较特别,对我来说,线性代数是Linear Algebra的意思,而Linear Algebra就是MIT 18.06.

  大一的生活离不开Linear Algebra的学习,我第一次忐忑不安的打开video,十年英语的学习终于获得了回报,Ax=b的图像我一辈子都忘不了。在机房,在电子阅览室,在姥姥家,在宿舍,在教室……多少次我一边看着屏幕,一边拿笔计算;多少次我睡在床上思索着课程的内容;多少次我看着屏幕惊得目瞪口呆。线性代数给与我希望,并一直激励我前进。



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  3. 丽菊 says:

    It is the first time I came here. I am so proud of you because you are doing fairly well. really. We are  deeply impressed in yr hard working and your wonderful desire.Come on boy! We are looking forward to see your  amazing  performance!

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