A general outline of my first thesis of EEC

//June 11, 2006

A general outline of my first thesis of EEC


Evolution of Electronic Creature (How it works, and how it will work.)


1.    Introduction: Hi! Want to create your own world?

2.    Feasibility: Simulation of nature & computer. (How does our nature & computer work?)

3.    Goal: Out of your imagination.

4.    Summary of Part I: First thing’s first

5.    Overall of Data structure & Arithmetic frame. (Hard work: What is we need?)

6.    Prisoners’ dilemma: Fish’s funny puzzle. (Game theory & Nash equilibrium)

7.    Codon List and CPU repertoire. (Write your own RNA!)

8.    Fish’s data. (Your Adam.)

9.    Ev data & regulars. (Let there be light.)

10.   Heredity & aberrance. (Evolution comes from here)

11.   EE Program: We are go for launch!

12.   Experiments: Let’s breed!

13.   Conclusions. (See our achievements)

14.   Philosophy: (God: ourselves?)

15.   Expectation: (I have a dream.)






1.     引言:你好!想要創造一個你自己的世界?

2.     可行性:自然界與電腦的相似性(我們的自然和電腦如何工作?)

3.     目標:超乎想象

4.     第一部分概說:萬丈高樓平地起

5.     資料結構與演算法框架總攬(艱難的工作:我們需要什麽?)

6.     囚徒困境:魚類有趣的困惑(博弈論與納什均衡)

7.     密碼子表與指令系統(編寫你自己的RNA!)

8.     魚的資料(女媧造人)

9.     環境資料與規則(盤穀開天)

10.   遺傳與變異(進化自爾起)

11.   電子生物程式:只欠東風!

12.   實驗:開始培育!

13.   結論:(看看我們的成就)

14.   哲學:(上帝:我們自己?)

15.   展望:吾將上下而求索


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