I was wrong…It’s all my fault!

Almost everybody entered this web say "It’s so hard to understand what you said."
Sorry to all of you!
It’s not a real me in your sight, I am a quite simple person.My IQ is less than 130, I am not a scientist (at least now). If I hurt you or something , forgive me please…
Thanks to all of you~!
I promse:
  More Dailylife! More Happy!
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4 Responses to I was wrong…It’s all my fault!

  1. King says:

    ur weblog\’s really cool~
    why u say that?
    it\’s just ur own space,
    i doesn\’t any matter what u do here.
    just do what u like to.
    u could even keep two weblogs,
    one for dayily-life, one for studies.

  2. Fan says:


  3. Liang says:


  4. 丽菊 says:

    I am so glad to be here to read so many fantastic articles written both in Chinese and English .
    You set up  a great example of modern college stuends. You have done what you should do in yr limited spare time after class. It is a kind of active passtime. and I learned a lot from what you have done. and I feel encouraged to learn more.
      steer yr own boat of life leaving fear behind!

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