Evolution of Electronic Creature (Study Record, and sth. like that…)

Evolution of Electronic Creature (Study Record, and sth. like that…)



Part 0

0.     EE virus.(TOP SECRET)

Part 1

1.        Make a program to find a batter strategy in a certain circumstance.

2.        Make a creature exchange message with environment program.

Par 2

3.        Make a digital world all in it is 01010011~, but under Some Rules, real creatures living in.


Summary of Two Parts:


1.        Build creatures can exchange message with environment program; this creature has its own protein code that decided its all habit. It has three characters followed:

(1). Reaction rapidly with changes of environment.

(2). Adaptation.

(3). Heredity and aberrance.

This part of program has its structure of datas.

(D1). Data of creatures’ Pr.

(D2). Rule of how Pr works. (Just like CPU repertoire)

(D3). Data of environment.

In this part I will make three independent programs:

(1). CreatureMind: Give action decided by D1 to Environment.

(2). Environment: Receive and process action from CreatureMind and offer environment messages to CreatureMind.

(3). Pr maker: Use to Create a Creature’s Pr more easily.


2.        Build a digital world and a Rule that the world is running under. Creatures are made of 0101101~, and environments is also made of these numbers. In this part, creatures and environment is made of the same thing! And they are running under the same rule. So the structure of datas is reduce to this:

(D1). Data of creatures & environment.

(D2). Rule of how D1 works. (Also like CPU repertoire)

As creature and environment becomes the same thing, creatures’ structure became freer and complex; and can have real biological creature properties as follows:

(1). Reaction rapidly with changes of environment.

(2). Adaptation.

(3). Information flowing. (Metabolism)

(4). Same basic structure like cells.

(5). Heredity and aberrance.

(6). DNA->Pr

In this part I will make only two independent programs:

(1). Creature &Environment: Change world under D2.

(2). DNA maker: Use to Create a Creature’s DNA more easily.


NOTE: As you see, Part2 is expansion of Part1. And Part1 is much easier than Part2, and I am very confident about Part1, I will prove it’s right. But Part2 is much exciting than Part1, even it’s very hard to archive, I will keep running.


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