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MicroTimeProcessUnit in simulation of collision

MicroTimeProcessUnit ——————————————— When I was a high school student, I made a program to simulate physical models with faniuy(going), but We have a big problem in that program that we can’t process collision when the models’s elastic constant is too big. when … Continue reading

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Expansion of fermat theorem[in mathematical analysis]

the fermat theorem says: if a function has it’s extreme value at x, then f'(x)=0 It’s tell us the necessary condition when a funtion has it’s extreme value.But the f'(x) must exist when you want to use this theorem.   now … Continue reading

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Update MathCompute

Suggest:  read the last version of MathCompute first. Using variables in "know:" for instance, you can edit "mathcompute.txt" like this: ——————————————  know:x=1y=2 A(D)=1  0  0 y2  x  4 24  5  x 19 x+y 7 2   B(D)= 1 2 A 3   … Continue reading

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