I’m thinking…

1.Which mathematical model can suit for Dawin evelution mechanism in a passing moment?
2.How can EE remember things happened in a short time before?
3.When does heating come to my classroom…I’m so cold…
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5 Responses to I’m thinking…

  1. King says:

    for 1.maybe binary system will never make it.for 2.can a virus \’remember\’ some thing?for 3.me 2.

  2. ChaosConst says:

    we may can creat a EE , but EE hasn\’t AI…

  3. Shicong says:


  4. ChaosConst says:

    things coming soon…

  5. Shicong says:

    haha~~~I think so~~~
    here is my E-mail.
     E-mail me when you are free.

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