Nofour3D(with MLDP) Display Program

Here is a program we(faniuy&I) made for fun(at first) in high school time.
It will show you a space you have never now!

Something touched me after the program had been written:

The brilliantest petal in the flower season
Bathing the warmest and mildest sunshine
And did experience in the dackest night

Once the bright mind flash
Want to build a whole new world

Fervor is burning
Calculating in the flowing view of Lake Jin
Researching in the deep sea of Mathematics

Break the common practice
How simple The World is

Even though all flowers want to blossom to show its beauty
I will come out alone and quietly
with Beauty and intelligence of myself

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2 Responses to Nofour3D(with MLDP) Display Program

  1. King says:

    good news….MIT EECS department doesn\’t need a GRE test !!so…we just need to take the TOEFL !long live the MIT !!!~~~~~~~~~~

  2. Unknown says:


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